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Christian Music Credits

Crowder, Newsboys, The Young Escape, Matt Hammitt, Tenth Avenue North, Social Club Misfits, Hollyn, Manafest, Skillet

Church Credits

WE ARE ONE, Love Church Music, Acquire the Fire, Flow Church, Sing Scripture, The Spark




Doug Weier is a Chicago based mix engineer, producer who specializes in pop, rock and electronic genres. As the guitar player for the pop/rock band We Are Leo (nominated for We Love Christian Music awards “Best New Album” & “Group Of The Year”), Doug has developed his production/engineering skills for over 10 years. He has gone on to write and produce several songs that have broken top 30 on CHR/Hot AC Radio as well as working with the likes of Skillet (Atlantic Records), Anberlin, Manafest and Spencer Kane (Anthem Lights).


Acquire the Fire, Anberlin, Anna Richie, Attaboy, Beacon Light, Ben Hazlewood, Bestman, Boiling Point, Cassy London, Cera Gibson, Dalton White, Danger Scene, Danger Scene, David Josiah, Davii, Decyfer Down, Distant Cousins, DJ Emman, Flow Church, George Moss, Hyland, Jarrett Randazzo, Jason Chatham, Joel Vaughn, Jon Prezant, Kevi, Lnyx, Loftland, Love Church Music, Maison Real, Mali-Koa Hood, Manafest, Melissa Maynard, Naomi Marie, Peazy, Rapture Ruckus, Skillet, Sage, SevenGlory, Shinebright, Shuree, Siderland, Sing Sripture, Skyler Zayne, Skyway Traffic, Spencer Kane, The Bloodline, The Spark, Tiffany Coverly, Tommy Royale, Transform, Unikron, We Are Leo, WE ARE ONE, Wolfgang Black, WWE

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