Will you record my music?

No, you will need to record your own music and send it to us for mixing and/or mastering. If you're interested in learning more about how to recod your own music, send us an email at info@kingdom-crew.com with the subject line "Recording Course from Kingdom Crew"

What if my music is already mixed and I ONLY need it mastered?

Great! You can still send us your song for mastering. Go to the "Book A Session" page in our menu and choose to book a mastering session.

What if I don't know which mixer to choose?

Send us a rough mix of a song that best represents your project and we will fit you the best choice for mixing it based on its genre and the song.

What if I can't/don't want to/don't have enough time to properly prepare and edit my songs for mixing?

We can edit and prep them for an additional fee of $35/song. Make sure you specify that you don't want to edit or prep them when booking a session and we will send you the appropriate link to submit your session files.