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Christian Music Credits

Village Church, Chapel Movement

Church Credits

Coquitlam Alliance Church, New Hope Curch, Sunshine Hills Church




Jordan has over a decades worth of experience mixing records. Studying closely under Manny Marroquin (John Mayer, Linkin Park, The weeknd) and Garth Richardson (Rage Against the machines, Red Hot Chili Peters, Buffy Clyde) he has acquired a versatile set of skills applicable to any genre. His work is frequently found on the charts including #1 albums and top 10 singles. 


Aaron Prichett, Alexis Lynn, Amy Nelson, Beamer Wigley, Brad Saunders, Cam Mossop, Chapel Movement, Chimpanzebras, Chris Buck, Codie Prevost, Dalla Clemyck, Dave Hartney, Emilie Feldberg, Ethos Worship, Gabriela Geneva, George Canyon, Ghost Walk, Hoffey, Kadooh, King N Cash, Jeff Ojeda, Joharra, Jordan Mcintosh, Jordan Waller, Kira Isabella, Kristin Carter, Kyle Dunn, Kyle Stibbs, Me and Mae, Meghan Patrick, Meredith Shaw, Myles Murphy, New Hope Church, Pat Chessel, Pigeon Park, Sarah Kemmers, Shae Dupuy, Steve Hudson, Sunshine Hills Church, Shylo Sharity, Ray Gibson, Ray Star, Rod Black, The County Line, The Grand, The Heels, The Johnson Brothers, The Latency, The Rollin’ Train wreck, The Simpson Brothers, Timothy, Thorn Hill, TJ MIller, Todd Richard, Village Church, Wes Mack, Xander Miller