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Christian Music Credits

For King & Country, Crowder, Natalie Grant, Matt Hammitt, Tenth Avenue North, Social Club Misfits, Hollyn, Marco Barrientos, Christine D'Clario 

Church Credits

WE ARE ONE, Love Church Music, Calvary Church, Village Church, 7 Hills Church, Chapel Movement




Mike has mastered music for independent, major label, Dove Award winning, Latin GRAMMY™ and GRAMMY™ nominated artists. His masters have been found on the Billboard charts spanning numerous genres, Spotify charts, taken #1 spots on iTunes, nominated for multiple Dove Awards, featured in Rolling Stone Brazil's "Albums of the Year", heard in the clubs of Manhattan, requested on FM radio in the USA & Canada, and featured in trailers for TV shows, Netflix original movies and Commercials in multiple countries. 

Mike's goal with every project is to help you achieve a higher level of sonic quality and fidelity with your mix for the world to enjoy on every digital and physical format. He consistently creates high quality masters for every client and his passion for music has never been stronger than it is today. As Kingdom Crew's mastering engineer, Mike is well equipped with the knowledge, skills and experience to take your music to a professional and competitive level. 


Aaron Pritchett, Alvester Martin, Ants Ants Ants, Abondoners, Aaron Hertzfield, AG Silver, Alex Mali, Amanda Baugh, Anik Khan, Appalachian Apollo, Andrew Nelson, Atta Boy, Arboles de Justicia, Alex Stefano, Alexis Lynn, Ark & Ocean, Amy Vachal, Artury Pepper, Analog Heart, Asher Postman, atmig, Audra The Rapper, Austin Bauer, Awaken Worship Collective, Band Of Heroes, Beacon Light, Benjamin Adams, Ben Delong, Bethel Music, Blak Emoji, Blake Whiteley, Blanca Luz, Blessing Offor, Brother Elsey, Brutes, Carlos Herrera, Caleb Kopta, Castleberry, Cedar Creek Worship, Clay Kirchenbauer, Chris Buck Band, Christine D'Clario, Creature Comfort, Crossroads Music, Chapel Worship, Chasing Ella, Chris Cope, Chris Chan, City Of Bright, Claire Wyndham, Constellations, Coastland, Crusasis, Codie Prevost, Code Machine, Courier, Connor Stratton, Curt Anderson, Daniela Garcia, Daylight Worship, David Ross, Devil Music Co., Devoidov, Dilei, Doster, Dru Oliver, David Reyes, DJ T Gut, Eric Kinny, Eric Arjes, Eric Lee Carpenter, Evan Craft, EMASOUND, Everlasting Word Band, Falecia Parker, Fine Fine Titans, Franz Szony, For King & Country, Foreigner and Friend, Fritz Schindler, Fred Da Godson, Freight Bandits, Fresh Life Worship, Gabby Geneva, George Canyon, Hunter As A Horse, Hunter Rayne, Hinges, Hollyn, HOFFEY, Ike, Jamison Galt, Jason Morris, Jayden B, Jessi Trask, Jonny Carroll, Jordan Waller, John Russell, Jake Down, Jake Harsh, Jazz Davis, Josh Baldwin, Josh Kohns, Jordan Mobley, Jake Rye, Josh Lavender, Josh Farro, Joel Vaughn, Jon Jones, JL Rathbone, Jugpreet Bajwa, Katie Garfield, Kat Hamilton, Karissa Ella, KB, Kevin Andreas, Kyle Dunn, Kurt Felsman, Kurt Scobie, Kyd The Band, Lacina Little, Lauren Mayell, Lanae, Love & The Outcome, Lee Roessler, Legendary Zeros, Love Church Music, Lowsan Melgar, MahlonStoltz, Mae, Matte Wolfe, Marco Barrientos, Michigander, Mallory Merk, Megan Miller, Me And Mae, McCoy, My God, Its Full Of Stars, Mitchell Rose, Michael Hammers, Miss Audrey, Mamil, Melon, Mone, Modern Adventures, Neal McCoy, Noah Vonne, Noah Martis, Northside Worship, Northern Driver, Nicholas Warren, Nathan Ironside, Olivia Baker, Olly Anna, Peter Plicaan, Panda & Owl, Pigeon Park, Radiate Worship, Rayelle, Real Name McCoy, Ruelle, Robert York, Red Light Dawn, Render The Hearts, Ryan Cassata, Ryan Edgar, Ruby Amanfu, Sam Tinnesz, Steven Malcolm, Sanctus Real, Sing Scripture, SNOWBIRDS, Sarah Bella, Salvados Worship, Shae Dupuy, Shawn McDonald, Sherrod White, Sean Stone, Siba, Spencer Kane, SVRCINA, Sorensen, Stolen Goods, Steppes, Summer School, Tiger And Frame, Timbre Of Cedar, Trash The Dress, The Lay Awakes, The Better Fight, Todd Richard, Todd Mendez, Thorn Hill, Tommee Proffitt, The Cringes, The County Line, The Great Romance, The Undeserving, The Skies Revolt, The Most Strange, The DLX, The Science Class, The Hacky Turtles , Troll Teeth, Tower And Trees, Todd Richard, Ty Brasel, U.G., VANYO, Valley Girl, Venture Worship, Village Church, Von Vargus, Villains In Love, Wes Mack, WE ARE ONE, West Of Here, Worldwide Groove, Corporation, Yuneer Gainz, Young Pioneer, 7 Hills Worship