How to submit tracks for mixing:


No matter what DAW you're using, you can send us the files you have recorded for mixing. We do have a few guidelines for how you can submit your tracks for mixing. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to prep your tracks for mixing.


Step 1. Save a copy of your DAW session, with the extension "KINGDOM CREW" at the end along with the BPM and note value of the BPM of the session. (i.e. Glory Forever_For Mixing_KINGDOM CREW_124 Dotted 8)


Step 2. Make sure every track is labeled properly. If its a vocal track, please title it as "Vocal 1/Lead Vocal/ BGV 1, etc". This is important to do for the next step so that each file you send is labeled correctly.


Step 3. Consolidate all of your tracks. Select all of your tracks from the beginning of the session (IN GRID MODE) to the end of the song.


Step 4. Create a Folder titled as the following: CHURCH NAME/ARTIST NAME_SONG TITLE_"AUDIO FILES FOR MIXING" 


Step 5. Export all your consolidated tracks as WAV files into that folder.


If you have a specific track that will require a specific effect on it from a plugin (i.e. Distortion, Phaser, Chorus, delay, etc), please make sure to export a version with it on AND without it on and label it accordingly. For Example: "Pre-Chorus Vocal_with Distortion effect".



Please ZIP the audio file folder you created and title it as the following: CHURCH NAME/ARTIST NAME_SONG TITLE_"AUDIO FILES FOR MIXING"

Once its ZIPPED, submit it using the White Cloud below.



Repeat this for each song you're submitting to Kingdom Crew for mixing.


When you have completed this for all of your songs, please put all of the audio file folders into a single folder titled as the following: CHURCH NAME/ARTIST NAME_EP/ALBUM NAME_"FILES FOR MIXING"


ZIP the file and submit using the White Cloud below.